PGC offers a range of services to help the next generation of great cannabis companies realize their business goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions

PGC represents cannabis companies in the sale of their businesses. As a trusted, independent advisor, we work closely with business founders and owners to maximize results and allow stakeholders to realize their long-term objectives. Our M&A practice is led by Ed Harris, a veteran Wall Street investment banker.

Equity Capital

Growth Companies: PGC works with growth stage companies to help them raise expansion capital. Good candidates are those companies that have demonstrated at least one year of meaningful revenue traction and are seeking to fund an identifiable growth opportunity. In venture capital terminology, this would be considered “Series A” and “Series B” rounds of capital.

Startups: Companies that are pre-revenue can connect with investors though our Spark™ online platform.

Debt and Lease Financing:  We work with companies seeking to secure real debt and working capital loans and equipment lease financing.

Please contact CEO Ed Harris for more information.